Sky Tree Highest Structure In Japan


In a tale of two towers, I visited both the Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower (333m) as the former has surpassed the latter as the highest structure in Japan since March.

The addition of a lightning conductor took the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower to 511m on Wednesday and when it is completed in 2012, the tower will become the world's tallest stand-alone communications tower at 634m.

Construction began on this super modern looking broadcasting tower in July 2008, and completion is scheduled for March/April 2012. But it is touted as more than just a broadcasting tower. It is also a landmark, on which much has been lavished in terms of design and technological expertise.

And it is also a "town with a tower," to become a 3 hectare complex that includes commercial, academic, and museum facilities, including a high rise building. The two observatories, one at 350m, the second at 450m, will include restaurants and shops.


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